Who else is seriously missing going out to eat? Like everybody else, we’ve all just been cooking at home 🏠  and ordering takeout right? Have you guys tried ordering these dishes from these local restaurants? They’re PERFECT for date night! 💑 #supportlocal

Inspire Restaurant 🍗

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This dish I recommend from Inspire is technically a brunch item but it’s one that you MUST try with your S/O. Inspire’s chicken & waffles is a fan favourite for many and if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out! The crispy chicken is perfectly breaded and seasoned, and is complemented with their homemade waffles, topped with savoury maple syrup 😋. Inspire Restaurant puts a western twist on asian dishes and is located on Main St Unionville. Other notable dish recommendations: O.G. INSP Burger 🍔 and their Shiitake Udon 🍜 Carbonara.

The School Fine Dining 🥩

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Date night without steak? You’re kidding! The School Fine Dining, is a hidden gem restaurant that you HAVE to check out. Steak is served perfectly to your preference… You can also share a lobster 🦞 club sandwich and a braised lamb shank in red wine 🍷 with your partner. Make sure to view their takeout menus for various seafood and meat plates. This place is perfect for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary! 💕

Osaka Sushi 🇯🇵

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Usually when I eat sushi with my friends and S/O, I always go for the sushi boats or combos. it’s worth the money, at MOST places. However, at Osaka sushi, I really need to give a shoutout to their individual specialty rolls 🍣. The first time I ordered them, I was so shocked at how big and content filled they were! My recommendations to share with your partner are the spicy 🌶️  dynamite rolls (shrimp tempura 🦐, California, spicy mayo) and the Toronto Roll (tempura shrimp and yam tempura topped with salmon, crabmeat, etc). Trust me, the specialty rolls are definitely worth the price! 🤑

Dragon Legend 🇨🇳

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Looking for some Chinese/Japanese food? Dragon Legend is my favourite Chinese buffet in Markham! Although you can’t participate in their buffet currently due to the lockdown, Dragon Legend’s takeout menu offers various delicious combos for a decent price. Lobster 🦞, snow crab legs 🦀, peking duck, sushi 🍱, noodles, dimsum, you name it! If you haven’t been to Dragon Legend, make sure to try out the buffet when dining resumes! They have weekly Culture Chinese 🇨🇳 events like Chinese mask changing, in addition to daily discounts like AYCE oysters on Wednesdays.

Folco’s Ristorante 🍝

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Another hidden gem is located on Main St Unionville. Folco’s Ristorante is an Italian 🇮🇹  restaurant that offers amazing options for pasta and antipasta lovers. Cheese 🧀 ravioli, spaghetti bolognese, Ricotta Gnocchi, and way more. Add some authentic pizza, rack of lamb and of course wine... 🍷 and you have the perfect date night.