I’m craving Burger’s 🍔 these days… anyone else? I’ve compiled a list of burger spots to check out around the GTA. Munch away! 😋

Burgers Park 🤤

Burger’s Park is located in one of the busiest areas in the GTA, North York 📍 Their menu features the OG Park burger 🍔 with delicious local pastured Angus Beef 🥩 , topped with authentic toppings. Why don’t you grab their spicy buttermilk chicken 🍗 sandwich as well? In my opinion, their spicy 🌶 chicken sandwich is EVEN better than the OG beef one. Don’t forget to add sweet potato fries 🍟 and a milkshake on the side! P.S. They also offer delicious hot dogs 🌭 for all you hot dog lovers.

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The Burger's Priest 🙏🏻

With over 5 locations in the GTA alone, I’m sure you guys have heard of Burger’s Priest even if you haven’t tried it before. They have many, many burger options 🍔 on their menu including beef and chicken, and... a secret menu? 👀 Their secret menu consists of many interesting and creative combinations such as a panko crusted patty for all you foodies that are down to try something new. 😱They also offer chilli cheese fries 🧀🍟 , so make sure to add it!

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ZEAL Burgers 🤩

Next up is ZEAL burgers. This burger place serves some of the highest quality burgers in the city. 😍  Their mushroom melt burger (which is literally so soft that it will actually melt in your mouth) and Royal Z burger are my favourites. They use AAA grade steak 🥩 which makes the patty actually taste like a piece of steak! I’m also in love with their special Z sauce which they use on most of their burgers to stand out from other burger joints. Plus they have amazing customer service! 😀

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Holy Chuck Burgers 😋

Next one on the list… Holy Chuck’s! With 3 locations in the GTA 📍, Holy Chuck’s offers something that most burger places don’t… lamb burgers! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try out their Uncle Georgie Porgy which consists of aged beef, lamb, house breaded crispy chicken and other burger toppings for $17. Now if you’re like me, I would always grab a dessert back with me home. They have a nutella 🍫,strawberry compote 🍓 and vanilla ice cream 🍦 funnel cake for $12!

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Burger Drops 😍

Burger Drops is a burger shop located in Liberty Village downtown and has a limited menu. I mean, that’s a good thing sometimes right? They specialize in the classic cheeseburger ($8 for 3.5 oz) and the American ( $7 for single 3oz). Pretty affordable 🤑 If you’re eating with your family, order their dropbox to save some money 😊

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